Iis this blog ded yet.

nah the mods are still around but we haven’t gotten around to making our own so people will give us submissions 

i think i have some unused ones on my laptop tho i’ll queue them up tomorrow

- mod K

This is kind of a weird question. Suppose a Mage of Rage lost it and went on a rampage. His teammates are the Maid of Life, Knight of Time, Seer of Doom, Witch of Blood, and Thief of Void. Who would he most likely take his anger out on and who could stop him? The a Thief was the girl who broke his heart. The Seer of Doom was his ex moirail that ended it with him to be with the Witch of Blood. The Knight of Time is his matesprit and the Maid of Life is his best friend.

he’d go after the seer of doom and the maid of life would stop him. maybe w/ support from the knight of time.

Where have you been my whole life?

right here

Is this blog for real. Are you all for real.

wow.. wowowwowow.. you’re so smart…